The school cafeteria guarantees efficient and timely attention to its customers. It has sufficient and trained personnel in food handling and customer service. It offers a wide assortment of products, most of them produced by professionals in our same facilities and others from companies certified by their high quality standards. In our cafeteria the order stands out, the quality of the products, a pleasant atmosphere and a friendly service offered to the members of the educational community, all the above added to that it is located in the middle of nature with a view of the mountains more Beautiful of our region.

Snacks are a way to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in children. Most children do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Snacks offer a great opportunity to improve access and exposure to these nutrient-rich foods and gives us the possibility of combining them with dairy products or substitutes.
In the Cafeteria we avoid processed foods and added sugars. Processed foods (made in a factory and sold in bags and boxes) do not have many nutrients and often have a large amount of sugar and salt. Also, after eating processed foods, children may be hungry again faster.

The possibility of having an orchard and a farm in the Lyceum, allows children to know the origin of food, especially vegetables, give it the importance they have and value them in their daily diet.