Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Should parents speak French?

No, it is not essential to have French-speaking parents to successfully continue schooling in a French high school.

Is it necessary for one of the parents to be of French nationality?

NO, the French Lyceum is open to all, whatever the nationality of the parents

What is the curriculum applied at the French Lycée?

The Curriculum is from the French Ministry of National Education with plans that take into account the language, culture, and history of our country. The slogan of the French Lay Mission “2 cultures, 3 languages” perfectly summarizes the content of the training given to the students.

What are the main characteristics of French pedagogy?

Each child must master a series of knowledge and skills (socle commun des connaissances et de compétences) at the end of compulsory education (15 years). The pedagogical project is based on the progressive acquisition of these skills from the preschool classes to the end of the school. A differentiated pedagogy is proposed to the student according to their needs. Throughout their schooling, the student’s autonomy, critical sense, and assimilation and endorsement of universally recognized humanist ideas are developed, thanks to a teaching respectful of freedom of conscience. In elementary school, students are continuously evaluated. It is a positive evaluation that checks knowledge and its progression. An on-line report released to parents each end of term.

What do we do with children with school difficulties?

The teachers propose in these cases a differentiated pedagogy. They adapt the contents and methods according to the difficulties encountered. The pedagogical team works with a school psychologist and a speech therapist who provide a different vision of the student. They advise families. Language teaching allows numerous sessions in small groups, privileged moments to accompany and help students with difficulties.

How can I help my son to do his homework if I don't speak French?

The vast majority of preschool children have a good command of the French language when they enter CP (1st grade) to be able to do their homework on their own (daily reading, poetry, invariable words …). Every late afternoon, after class, for those who wish, a supervised study room is organized that welcomes students who do their homework, and can receive the help of teachers.

Does the French Lycée welcome children outside of compulsory school hours?

Yes. Extracurricular activities are proposed every afternoon, between 3pm and 5pm. Some are taught in English or usually in French or Spanish. These optional activities complete compulsory schooling. Day camps are organized during school vacation periods.

Can I contact and have an appointment with my child's teachers?

Teachers welcome parents as many times as necessary.

Is it possible to get discounts?

Children of French nationality can fill out a scholarship dossier at the French consulate in January for the following year.

At what age do children enter?

They can enter the month of September of the calendar year in which they turn 2 years old to the TPS degree (toute petite section).

Process to enter the French Lycée?

  1. Contact us through Telephone Lines, Email, Chat on the website or fill out the form in / steps to apply /
  2. Attend the talk or schedule a visit to the French Lycée. A virtual talk is scheduled for families residing abroad or in other cities.
  3. Submit admission application: Attach documentation (by mail and / or directly in the talk or visit the list of requirements is delivered) – make payment of admission fees through PSE (admissions send the corresponding code).
  4. Interview with the management of the respective level and psychology.
  5. Admission commission, the results are sent to the emails of the parents.
  6. Separation of the quota and registration.

When does the school year start? When it ends?

The school year begins the first week of September and ends the last week of June.

How many teachers are there in Maternal?

Each nursery class has a main French language teacher and an assistant teacher (ASEM).

Is it possible to get discounts and scholarships?

In the case of an establishment approved as a French educational establishment by the French Ministry of National Education, the (AEFE) Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad, can provide an aid to schooling for children of French families residing abroad. These scholarships are proposed by local commissions of the consulates and authorized by a national commission of the Agency.
To receive an AEFE scholarship, the following requirements must be met:
• Have French nationality and be registered at the French consulate
• Be schooled in a French Lyceum and live with your family in the country of the establishment in which you study or wish to enter.

Visit the AEFE website for more information:
The AEFE 2020-2021 school scholarship program for French students residing with their families in Colombia is published on the website of the French Embassy in Colombia:

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