Celebrate with pride and project with ambition

In 2020, the AEFE, educational operator of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, is thirty years old. It was in 1990, by Law n ° 90-588 of July 6, that this national public establishment was created, with the aim of coordinating all schools, colleges and high schools offering French education outside France.

The anniversary of the AEFE is therefore also that of a network that has become the first international educational network in the world, established in 139 countries. Between 1990-2020, the number of students doubled. The next ten years will be those of a further doubling of enrollments, the objective indicated by the President of the Republic – the “Cap 2030” – being to reach 700,000 students by 2030.

The 30th anniversary of AEFE and of the global school network is therefore an opportunity to celebrate the work accomplished, to highlight the successes and assets on which to build on to go even further. Throughout 2020, labeled events will be highlighted in order to raise awareness of French education in the world and strengthen its development dynamic.